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How can you put a value on something that's priceless!


Suggestion Therapy: SmokingNail Biting, Pre Test NervesHypertension, Stress, Public Speaking, FlyingConcentration, Exam Preparation & Study Habits etc: 150 Euro per two hour session, free 1 hour follow up session. If it's apparent during the intake form that analytical therapy is more appropriate, we will stop and discuss that at the time.

Weight Control Therapy: Five hours in total, first session is a two hour session, followed by three one hour sessions typically seperated by a week. 300 Euro payable on the first session. If any subsequent sessions are needed to follow up on the weight control after session 4, they are 40 Euro per session. Click for more detail. If it's apparent during the intake form that analytical therapy is more appropriate, we will stop and discuss that at the time.

Analytical Therapy: (Approximately between 6 and 14 sessions, usually 50-60 minutes per session). 75 Euro per hour, or part of an hour. Introductory Session is free.

Incudes: Anger, Anxiety, Clearing Emotional Baggage, Fears, Guilt, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Migraines, Pain, Panic & Phobias, Procrastination to Motivation, Public Speaking, Sadness, Sports Performance.

Massive 20 Session Therapy: The 20 session therapy consists of 20 sessions, bound by the limit of one year. It costs 3,000 Euro for the entire therapy. Note that the individual sessions are not limited by time, each session takes as long as it takes to get a satisfactory outcome for the session, and I'll put that time aside for you. It usually takes an average of about two hours per session, which would work out at about 40 hours total.
If there are a lot of issues you want to resolve, and you feel it’s important to talk a lot about what’s happening in your life, then the Massive 20 Session Therapy is probably suitable. We’d start off by getting a list of everything you want to resolve, and how these issues link with people in your life. After resolving the emotional baggage from the past, and any other issues, we can concentrate on ways of you finding a truly satisfying path in your life, so you can create your future the way you want it.


All consultations are strictly by appointment, and confidentiality is assured. Each person and each challenge is unique. Therefore, the number of consultations varies. Suggestion therapy usually takes a single two hour session, which includes a free hypnotherapy CD/MP3 for reinforcement sessions.

Analytical Hypnotherapy and Weight Control Hypnotherapy includes a free CD/MP3 to practice self hypnosis at home, and Weight Control Hypnotherapy later includes an additional personalised CD/MP3 to reinforce the work done at home.


Experience The World Different, Salthill, Galway

085 - 1318344 dmadden@experiencetheworlddifferent.com