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Frequently Asked Questions Page


What is Hypnosis?

Trance is a normal everyday occurrence. Examples of trance are when you get absorbed in a film, get engrossed in a good book, come to awareness while driving and say "I don't remember the last ten miles of driving". Hypnosis is just a formal or informal way of inducing natural trance. You are fully aware of what is happening during hypnosis, and your mind is always on guard to protect you. We all go into different states of mind depending on circumstances - your unconscious mind may take care of the driving, letting you get on with more important things to think about. If a situation arises that requires your conscious attention, you immediately come out of your "driving trance" and deal with the situation. Another example is getting engrossed in a film, e.g. "A Miracle on 34th Street". If you get emotionally involved in this film, your critical awareness may go into the background, and you may find yourself believing again in Santa Claus at an emotional level. However, if some bloke comes down the chimney at that moment, and says "Hello, I'm Santa Claus" - do you think you would believe him? Hypnosis is simply a formalised way of inducing natural trance states that you experience every day.

Will I lose control under hypnosis?

No, you are always fully in control. Under a clinical setting, there needs to be trust and rapport between client and therapist. If you don't trust your therapist, there is no way you will allow yourself to go into trance in their company! You are aware of everything that is going on around you wile you are in trance, and your mind is always guarding you against any danger. Hypnosis is perfectly safe.

But, Stage Hypnotists control people, don't they?

Stage hypnotists are professionals at what they do. They know how to make things look very dramatic. They use the power of expectation, and the strong tendency a lot of people have to go along with the crowd. If you go to a stage hypnosis show, chances are you know what to expect. When the stage hypnotist chooses their volunteers, there is a social pressure to comply. Volunteers want to be a good sport. People can use hypnosis as an excuse to lose inhibitions in a similar way that people sometimes use alcohol as an excuse. If the hypnotist tried some suggestion that contradicts that persons value system, the person would reject that suggestion.

Will I be unconscious under hypnosis?
No, using therapy we use waking hypnosis, and you are always aware of what is happening around you. There is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling, everybody has their own unique experience of hypnosis. Hypnosis is simply a very relaxed and sometimes blissful state, like an intense daydream state. Sometimes you might forget some of what is said, (as you do in any conversation!), but when you are prompted, you will remember everything.

There are very deep states of hypnosis that appear like a coma to observers, and surgery can be performed under these deep states of hypnosis. Even in these deep states of hypnosis, people are still aware of everything that is going on around them, people in this state have described being in a state of complete euphoria, where they just did not want to bother moving.

Will I blurt out all my deep secrets under hypnosis?

No. You can conceal things and lie if you wish under hypnosis. However, using analytical hypnotherapy, it is a completely confidential and safe place for you to say whatever you need to say. Your therapist will be completely non judgemental, and indeed under these completely safe conditions of trust and confidentiality many people have got to the root(s) of that hidden subconscious thing that was affecting their life. For therapy to work, there needs to be a high level of trust and rapport between therapist and client.

Why "Experience the world different" and not "Experience the world differently"?
A wise man I know was once fond of saying "They see the world different". I wanted to name the clinic after this quote, but realised that I had to take the modalities of hearing, sensation, taste, touch and spatial awareness into account. Hence the word "experience" was used instead of "see".



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