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What To Expect

This depends on whether you are choosing suggestion therapy, weight control therapy or analytical therapy. First we meet in the Experience The World Different Office. We go through the intake form - this usually tells us whether suggestion therapy or analytical therapy is more appropriate.

Suggestion Therapy: SmokingNail Biting, Pre Test NervesHypertension, Stress, Public Speaking,FlyingConcentration, Exam Preparation & Study Habits etc.

A two hour session only is required which includes a Free Hypnotherapy Tape for Solution-Focused Therapy on the symptoms you consult with. The personalised Hypnotic CD/MP3 will maximise the desire for change as you enjoy the most rapid and powerful results.
Note: There is no Introductory Talk necessary for Suggestion Therapy. If it's apparent during the intake form that analytical therapy is more appropriate, we will stop and discuss that at the time

Weight Control Therapy
Five hours in total, first session is a two hour session, followed by three one hour sessions typically separated by a week. Click here for more details. If it's apparent during the intake form that analytical therapy is more appropriate, we will stop and discuss that at the time.

Analytical Therapy
(For all problems other than those mentioned above under Suggestion Therapy or Weight Loss Therapy.
Requires separate weekly sessions of approx. 50 minutes. This is a totally confidential, non judgmental, private and individual therapy. The first session is concerned with finding out about your problem and assessing how best to treat it. The next few sessions involve symptom relief and building your self hypnosis skills. Finally we get to the analytical therapy, where we investigate the subconscious root source(s) of the symptom, and clear out toxic negative emotions stored in the body. The unlocking of root sources of symptoms are frequently associated with a cathartic release of pent up emotion. Next comes relearning - an adult understanding, or an alternative understanding at a subconscious level of the distress causing event(s). Once your subconscious mind has the positive learnings it needs from the event, we can persuade it to let go of the toxic emotion and clear it from the past. All through this process techniques are used to minimise any possible distress - it is frequently possible to resolve issues completely at a subconscious level without having to bring the issue to consciousness.

Hypnosis can treat:- Smoking, Slimming, Drinking, Nail-Biting, Some Skin Disorders, Allergies,
Nervous Tension & Anxiety, Phobias, Fears & Compulsions, Nightmares, Insomnia, Sexual Problems, Enuresis, Shyness & Blushing, Nervousness & Decision Making, Public Speaking & Confidence,
Migraines, Addictions, Asthma, Blood Pressure, Blushing, Claustrophobia, Eating Disorders, Emotional Problems, Frustrations, Guilt Feelings, Headaches, Inhibitions, Irritable Bowel, Menstrual Tension, Pain Control, Panic Attacks, Shame. Stress, Stuttering, Tinnitus, Travel Fright, Twitching, Ulcers, Assertiveness, Concentration, Communications, Creativity, Exam Nerves, Goal Setting, Independence,
Memory, Motivation, Relaxation, Self-Esteem, Study, Sports Motivation, Fear of Childbirth, Depression, Survivors of abusive childhoods, Child Abuse, and Trauma,
And many other problems where emotional or psychological forces are involved.

Note that a lot of the symptoms mentioned above would have to be treated in co-operation with your medical practitioner - Hypnotherapy is a complementary therapy, not an alternative therapy.

Massive 20 Session Therapy

The 20 session therapy is designed for clients who have a combination of several of the symptoms listed above. It costs 3,000 Euro for the entire therapy. Note that the individual sessions are not limited by time, each session takes as long as it takes to get a satisfactory outcome for the session, and I'll put that time aside for you. It usually takes an average of about two hours per session, which would work out at about 40 hours total.
If there are a lot of issues you want to resolve, and you feel it’s important to talk a lot about what’s happening in your life, then the Massive 20 Session Therapy is probably suitable. We’d start off by getting a list of everything you want to resolve, and how these issues link with people in your life. After resolving the emotional baggage from the past, and any other issues, we can concentrate on ways of you finding a truly satisfying path in your life, so you can create your future the way you want it. This includes resolving limiting beliefs in relation to money, so you are no longer limited by things like an unconscious "poverty complex". (Some people are excellent at making money, but then it seems to disappear - this could also be related to limiting beliefs about money). This is how the massive 20 session therapy, while seeming expensive could be an incredibly good investment in your future. If you can do something you enjoy doing that is of value to other people, then you can charge for it. If it's valuable to them, they will pay for it gladly. Because you enjoy doing it, you'll be good at it, and word of mouth will spread, bringing you more customers and more income. With the assumption of one session per week of the massive 20 session therapy, you get five months of therapy for less than the equivalent of one months average industral wage.

Daniel Madden ADHP MICHP BE
Experience The World Different, Salthill, Galway.

085 - 1318344 dmadden@experiencetheworlddifferent.com