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Moving from Procrastination to Motivation using Hypnosis  

Moving from Procrastination to Motivation using Hypnosis

Procrastination is a very common state of "stuckness" that people find themselves in. It is a physical state of non movement. There are numerous reasons why we don't take action.

Procrastination is a very abstract term, it can mean that someone keeps themselves stuck in a rut so life is not as vibrant and fulfilling as it could be. A person could be motivated for a lot of things, but not for other things.

If there is a specific task or tasks you want to get moving on, and are generally motivated to do other things, then we can use your current motivation strategy, and link it to the thing you want to get moving on. We could set up a chain of triggers to move your physiology through different states from procrastination until you get to motivation. For example, procrastination to frustration (like being stuck in traffic!) to curiosity to wanton desire to motivation.

In general, we tend to be motivated by things that are in line with our values, and we put off or avoid the things that are not in line with our values.

Our values are the keys to our motivation, they are abstract concepts, and they are responsible for how we act, as opposed to what we would like to be like. We have values in all areas in our life.

To find out your values in an area of you life, simply keep asking yourself the question "What is important to me about ....". Ask yourself this question in relation to the areas of Work/Career, Family, Relationships, Personal Development, Health and Fitness, Spirituality, Leisure. Values are one word answers, or a very short phrase at most, and are "big picture" as opposed to "zooming into the details", the whole forest as opposed to branch or leaf, the entire symphony as opposed to the individual notes. 

Examples of values in relation to work and career could be money, fulfillment, free time, social activities, helping people, winning, being the boss, challenge, enjoyment, fun, making things, creativity etc. Honesty is important in filling our your values, sometimes there are values we aspire to but don't have. If we are not taking action to "get" that value, if it is not a source of motivation, then it is not an actual value. For example, health and fitness. Someone could write down "being fit" as a value, and sit down all day in front of a computer without getting any exercise. This is an aspiration and not a value. It could be also be a low priority value compared to the leisure value of "computer games".

Part of the motivation strategy would be eliciting your values in the area of your life where you want motivation. We then have to find out how important the various values are to you. High ranking values have high motivation, and the lower the value is in importance, the lower it's motivation. In the above example, supposing you wanted to actually become fit instead of just wishing for it. We would find out your internal representation of the "computer games" value, and use that to increase the priority of the "being fit" value so it is something you would act on and want to do as much as computer games.

If during the intake form consultation, it is apparent that procrastination is due to a combination of fears and negative beliefs combined with a lot of negative self talk, we might need to do some emotional clearing, where we clear the negative emotions of anger, fear, hurt and sadness, and guilt.

There is a metaphor where negative emotions from the past are stored in the body. They are the negative emotions associated with unresolved incidents from the past. Your subconscious mind wants to rationalise these incidents, so the negative emotions can be cleared from past events. Clearing negative emotions is like getting rid of the baggage from the past, so it stops coming up. To achieve the changes you want in your future, it is sometimes necessary to clear out the baggage of unresolved negative emotion from the past, so you have room for new experiences and motivation in your life.

Please be aware that negative emotions are very necessary, they are unpleasant feelings, but it is important to know when your boundaries have been violated in some way. There is no way that any therapy could remove the capability of experiencing natural emotions, but it is possible to clear the baggage of negative emotion from the past.

Once we do this, we can tweak your values and set up chains of motivation triggers so you can have the motivation you want.

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