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Manage Your Weight using Hypnotherapy  

Manage Your Weight using Hypnotherapy

Flick through the pages of any local newspaper and you will see a plethora of services and products to help with weight control. Common sense and the laws of science suggest that to dump the excess weight the equation is simple. Eat less, and exercise more. That's easier said than done.

The fact is that there are numerous reasons that people over eat. Most people don't even realise that they are over eating. There are lots of people who are naturally thin and healthy. They tend to have a different strategy for eating. They eat for fuel as a priority to taste. When they consider what they are going to eat, they consider the longer term consequences. They consider how this food will feel in my belly over the next few hours as I digest it. For example, a thin person feels hungry. They consider a block of ice cream, and compare that to a bowl of soup and a sandwich. They imagine how bloated and listless they will feel after eating the ice cream, and how light and energetic they will feel after the soup and sandwich, and choose that.

Hypnotic weight control is not about dieting, it is about lifestyle change. Diets don't work except in the short term. People on diets feel they are depriving themselves, and constantly feel rebellious. Diets fail because they are an "away from" motivation, and they are a source of internal conflict.

Very simplistically, people are motivated to move towards pleasure, and motivated to move away from pain. People tend go on a diet because they want to stop being overweight. Moving away from overweight is an away from motivation, it is away from the pain of being overweight. Meanwhile, the old toward motivations of food as pleasure or comfort or any of a thousand reasons are still there, trying to pull you back to old habits. After a while on the diet, there is some weight loss, and the motivating pain of overweight loses power. The toward motivations of pleasure become more powerful, and the swing back to over eating begins again until the pain of overweight builds up force again and the cycle begins again. Does that seem familiar to you?

Hypnotherapy using gastric band hypnosis combined with other hypnotherapy techniques can have dramatic results, and the change is lifelong, not just temporary. This is because the changes are locked in at the subconscious level. It is your subconscious that is responsible for all learning and change and habits. Changing habits at the unconscious level causes change at the conscious level apparently without effort. A useful metaphor is to imagine a horse carriage. Imagine your brain is the carriage driver, your body is the carriage, and the horses are your emotions. When we overeat, it's usually our emotions that pull us along. If those horses (emotions) decide to have a bar of chocolate, and charge off to do that, pulling on the reins (willpower) might slow them down for a bit, but that takes a lot of energy, and since the horses are consistent (imaging that chocolate), they will drag the carriage and driver along with them. Hypnotherapy gives you direct access to the desires of the horses (emotions) so they will bring you in the direction you want, every second of every day consistently, perhaps just requiring a gentle tug on the reins now and again.

Hypnotherapy for weight control starts off with a two hour session, followed by three one hour sessions, usually weekly. It is very important that you understand that hypnosis is not magic, and while the results are usually dramatic, please look at the following equation.


You are responsible for your body, for your thoughts and for your feelings. You need to have the attitude that you are on the cause side of the equation, and not on the effect side of the equation. Being on the cause side of the equation means knowing and feeling you are in control of your life, and not being blown along by the winds of randomness. You generate the effects. Being on the effect side of the equation means that you have no control, that nothing you do makes any difference so why do anything. Hypnotherapy is a team effort, where we work together. You need to do your part, because you are the one that is changing. It is important that you have realistic expectations! Your obligations in relation to the hypnotherapy are:

1) To use your imagination to imagine the things I describe as vividly as possible, with as many of your five senses as possible.

2) Listen to the hypnotic recording provided religiously for the first couple of weeks.

3) Follow a few golden rules which I will provide.

It has been reported that the expected average weight loss is half a stone in the first week, and maybe 1-2 lbs a week after that. There is no dieting, you can eat what you like, but will be completely satisfied and content with smaller quantities. This is not guaranteed, but it is the average weight loss following this procedure. 

If you were to lose 1-2lbs a week without dieting, would you be happy with that?

The first session is a two hour session which consists of information gathering, the hypnosis pretalk, the hypnotic induction, the "well formed outcomes" and the hypnotic gastric band "operation". This is basically an imaginary operation under hypnosis where your subconscious mind imagines your stomach is smaller, and so feels full on smaller and healthier amounts of food. You will be given a CD/MP3 to follow up, which it is very important to listen to regularly as it reinforces the session, and increases your subconscious motivation before meals. If during the intake form it is apparent that there are significant emotional events in your past that are the main drivers for the overweight, we may need to change the strategy to clearing emotional baggage from the past before coming back to the weight control.

The second session is of one hours duration, and is aimed at resolving any conflict at the subconscious level in relation to eating and food. The metaphor behind this is that we have parts at the subconscious level which have intentions they want to achieve, and behaviours to support those intentions. Once we get congruence at the subconscious level, change is very easy because we have harmony instead of conflict at the subconscious level. It's like the difference between two people with different objectives fighting and in conflict, and the same two people with the same objective working together in synergy. What would it be like if the part of you that was responsible for overeating now uses it's energy and motivation to move you toward the new healthier, more energetic you?

The third session also of one hour is generally aimed at motivating you towards getting more exercise, because your new eating lifestyle is usually automatic at this stage. Sometimes there are particular foods that have been identified as a particular issue, and we can deal with those during this session.

The fourth session is a "mop up" session, it really depends on how things have being going for you between the previous sessions, and usually we do a "tightening" of the hypnotic gastric band during this session.

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